Fanciful Small Plant With Pink And Green Leaves

Fanciful Small Plant With Pink And Green Leaves

Also called nerve plant mosaic plant fittonia albivenis is a trailing plant with deeply veined leaves. Its colorful foliage can also be speckled splotched or veined.

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These tough low growing perennials produce finely cut leaves in a gorgeous assortment of chartreuse purple red bronze green silver.

Small plant with pink and green leaves. This plant will thrive in indoor containers and because it stays small it s especially good for terrariums. Also known as the freckle face plant it s not too hard to see why. Albo variegata is one of our favorite colorful philodendrons with leaves that vary in color from all yellow to mottled pink and green even the vines on these extremely variegated plants are either yellow or striped with green.

Acer palmatum kagiri nishiki is a variegated japanese maple the pretty mid green leaves have a slightly bluish tinge and have pink and white margins. Caladiums also called angel wings look truly unique in a garden. Shade part sun or full sun.

Grow in full sun or partial shade and protect from harsh winds. Those veins can be white or deep pink which makes each leaf look like a mosaic or stained glass window. Pink flowers to grow echinacea southern belle echinaceas provide colour and nectar and pollen for insects late in the season when little else is in flower.

The leaves turn crimson gold in autumn. They have large arrowhead shaped leaves that come in striking combinations of green red pink and white. The delicate compact foliage comes with speckles of white pink red yellow or green which make it a really interesting plant to look at.

Red prayer plant has red veins on the green leaves whereas the lemon prayer carries yellow veins that run in the middle of leaves. This plant is an excellent conversation piece for the collectors garden. Caladiums make easy houseplants and are equally delightful outdoors.

Spikes of small pink red or white bell shape flowers are an extra treat. Prayer plant looks appealing due to its large velvety and variegated leaves and comes in a dark green color with textured contrasting veins. Plant in well drained soil.

Usually under 6 inches. Varieties with pink flowers include mistra magnus and southern belle. Exposure to bright morning and evening sun is ideal for its.

The polka dot plant is another small houseplant which always catches the eye.

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