Unanticipated Plant With Pink And Green Leaves Indoor

Unanticipated Plant With Pink And Green Leaves Indoor

Those veins can be white or deep pink which makes each leaf look like a mosaic or stained glass window. If you re digging pink look for types such as anyanmanee and pink dalmatian that spot dark green leaves splashed and speckled in pink.

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This plant will thrive in indoor containers and because it stays small it s especially good for terrariums.

Plant with pink and green leaves indoor. This pink leaved beauty is so popular on instagram that it may as well be chrissy teigen. These dainty little sweeties like filtered light or shade and moist. Also called nerve plant mosaic plant fittonia albivenis is a trailing plant with deeply veined leaves.

As long as you meet the basics of providing bright indirect light and watering once the top inch or so of soil is dry then aluminum plants are easy to care for. Wondering how this plant came into this list. The rubber plant or ficus elastica is a popular indoor plant that is quite hardy.

It gives the plant a high contrast appearance which looks really well. The name of this small indoor plant comes from the metallic colored detailing on the vibrant green oval leaves. Two tone moonstone lends a lighter touch with its creamy leaves variegated with pink and green.

Grow them with other tropical vibe houseplants for an instant south seas staycation. These leaves literally look like they have been painted on. Sometimes referred to as urn plants or pineapple plants bromeliads produce vivid rosette shaped flowers that become fountain shaped as they grow surrounded by leaves that can be strappy wide and toothed or variegated.

Indoor gardening enthusiasts love the 3 000 species of bromeliads for their colorful and varied flowers and foliage. Usually under 6 inches. Also called moses in the cradle this little beauty s leaves is golden and pink ish on the top and purple on the undersides which are pretty dramatic and striking it works both indoors and out and even better is easy to take care of.

It s a bold plant that s also in the list of nasa s top air cleaning indoor plants. Fittonia fittonia also called nerve plant features pink red or white leaves variegated with. With beautiful edging on its green leaves in a shade of red which completely takes over the leaves when grown in direct sun.

Tri color oyster plant rhoeo spathacea. Spring fling is another unbeatable variety with dark green veins on flamingo pink leaves. It needs medium to bright light and water once a week or two depending on conditions.

Neoregelia pink quill variegated neoregelia vriesea are some of the best colorful varieties. The plant doesn t mind either full sun or shade. The answer lies in its long lasting exotic flowers coming in red orange and pink with strappy green leaves.

Look out for the variegated versions where the leaves have a watercolour style pink edge that will eventually fade to a white yellow. While leafy green indoor plants will always be welcome in our homes the latest indoor plant trends see greenery give way to colourful indoor plants in pink red and copper tones as well as some striking species with pretty patterned leaves that add texture and character to a space. It also improves the quality of indoor air.

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