Fabulous How To Use Compost In Garden

Fabulous How To Use Compost In Garden

You can top dress a garden a tree even a lawn just sprinkle it in. Compost enriches the soil structure and nutrient retention.

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Your flowers plants or whatever you have planted there will thrive.

How to use compost in garden. This is called top dressing. Use finished compost in a layer on top of your soil to nourish the plants underneath. However you ll need a lot of compost to cover your garden beds to that depth with compost and you ll probably run out very soon if you don t have it delivered in bulk.

You may also use compost as a first layer before seeding or incorporating a new lawn. Incorporate compost into garden beds in early spring or fall. Water will carry nutrients down into the soil.

If you use compost as a soil amendment just dig anywhere from 2 to 4 inches down and then throw the compost in there and mix it in with the rest of the soil at planting time. Sometimes compost produces the tea naturally but you can also produce your own compost tea by steeping a shovel full of compost in a 5 gallon bucket for. Apply compost to bare areas or burnt spots on your lawn.

Fertilize your yard with a thin layer of compost. Use it as mulch just spread your compost around garden plants as a mulch applying it up to 40mm deep if you like. At planting time mix 1 to 2 inches of compost into your garden beds.

Spread it on your garden. Compost also makes an excellent layer in any no dig garden. Adding compost introduces nutrients and prevents soil compaction.

Compost tea refers to the liquid matter released by the compost. Prepare a garden bed.

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