Gorgeous How To Replace A Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

Gorgeous How To Replace A Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

Step 5 make sure the garbage disposal is clean on. Skip to main content.

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The garbage disposal will unlock and fall off of its sink mount.

How to replace a garbage disposal splash guard. How do i replace the splash guard on my disposal unit without having to dismantle the entire unit. The new splash guard should fit tightly over the disposal much like a lid to a food storage container. A kitchen sink splash guard fits onto the top of a garbage disposal.

Now is the big moment. You are going to reach into the garbage disposal and remove the garbage disposal splash guard. This is the tricky part.

Step 4 remove the old garbage disposal splash guard. The hardest part of reinstallation is hoisting the disposer up and into place with one hand while you try to engage the locking ring with the other. Holding the heavy disposal in place while you tighten the locking.

This is the easy part. Replace the old splash guard with a new one photo 2. An in sink unit for the disposal of food waste also known as a waste disposal unit.

This rubber gasket allows food and liquid to go down but prevents liquids from spraying back up when the disposal is running. All you have to do for this step is remove the old splash guard wipe off the top of the disposal and affix the new splash guard. Use our tip in photo 3.

Push it in a clockwise direction about 1 4 of a turn. Just peel the old one off wipe the top of the disposal clean and snap the new one on. Replace the splash guard once the disposal has been removed you can proceed to replace the splash guard.

The splash guard fits snugly on top of the disposal like a plastic lid on a can of peanuts. Replace the splash guard. Required tools for this how to remove a garbage disposal splash guard project.

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