Lush Hot Water Heater No Hot Water Electric

Lush Hot Water Heater No Hot Water Electric

Depending on the cause of the problem the solution can be extremely simple or complex and expensive. Shut off the house circuit breakers for your water heater.

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If the loss of hot water has been sudden and unexpected and your breaker box is fine then you may want to try using the reset button.

Hot water heater no hot water electric. The lower thermostat controls only the lower heating element so if it fails but the upper thermostat works the result is hot water not getting hot enough. Check the 1 and 2 terminals with a hot water heater tester to make sure the contacts are active. You can have a water softener and purifier installed into the main water line to filter this out.

Anytime you are dealing with electrical appliances use extreme caution. Water heater runs out of hot water fast. Start by turning the upper element to its highest temperature setting.

When a standard tank style gas water heater stops producing hot water it means that the gas burner is no longer producing the flame necessary to heat the water. There should small indicator light on or around the thermostat. The upper thermostat on an electric water heater actually controls both the upper and lower heating elements.

If you re not getting any hot water you may need to reset the hi temperature limit switch on the upper thermostat. Pilot light flame has blown out. When your thermostat detects that your water is hot enough it trips the upper limit switch.

If you find yourself in a situation with no hot water the cause could be a tripped or defective high temperature cutoff switch. In the event you have this type of water heater and are experiencing no hot water you will want to check to make sure it is getting electricity. If your water or heater smells like rotten eggs this is sulfur and means that there is something wrong with your water not the electric heater.

Remove the upper heating element cover to access the hi temperature limit switch. If your water heater plugs into the wall then it most likely has an electronic ignition. If your water heater is not assigned a dedicated circuit or after resetting the breaker it continues to trip you should contact a qualified electrician.

If the problem persists you will have to have a new well dug and water lines relocated. If the tester does not react the thermostat is not working and will need to be replaced. Possible reasons for the malfunction include.

If you reset that switch and the heater begins working just fine again then you can assume it was a fluke. This causes the dreaded hot water not working situation. You won t get any hot water if that limit switch is tripped.

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